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MIDU Games board and card games are played by clients and players in more than 20 countries around the world.



Board game

Porsche: Porsche Evolution

The most important period in the development of the Porsche brand. Rivalry and competition within individual stages of brand evolution. Education, presentation of patents and key discoveries throughout…
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Board game

Continental: 150 years

Multilingual (CZ, EN, UA). Presentation of individual production halls. Real positions of machines and departments in the company. Guide to the whole production process. Presentation of the competences…
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Board game

Skanska: The Office Heroes

Game complete in EN. Introduction of key employees and their characteristics in a funny way. Information about sustainability projects from recent years. Examples of modern trends in construction with…
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Board game

Honor: Honor Gift

Real Honor products. Earn points for products in different combinations. Concepts from the world of technology.
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Card game

Ferrero: Kinder Master

A fast, simple and fun card game Master (Mistr) tailor-made. Attractive presentation of mascots from the biggest product lines.
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Board game

Nikon: Board game

Application of the most important Nikon camera models, components and accessories in the form of benefit cards with benefits to play. Game design including 8 type locations and positions, 4 sub-target…
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Board game

Kuehne+Nagel: Logistik

Four modes of transport that the client actually uses. Movement cards that give directions and are in the game instead of dice. The objective of the game is to get the shipment from point A to point…
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Board game

Telly: A well-tuned board game

A party game for the whole family, on which the client’s 2021 Christmas campaign was built. A description of the real-life films and series Telly has on offer. Presentation of services in the…
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Board game

Gebauer & Griller: 5G

Multilingual (CZ, EN). Emphasis on work safety. Demonstration of the most common mistakes that happen in production. Presentation of individual production processes. Demonstration of the use of protective…
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Card game

The capital city of Prague: Prague Master

A fast, simple and fun card game Master (Mistr) tailor-made. Designed as a gift for all Prague first graders starting in 2022. Attractive presentation of 32 Prague landmarks, attractions, history and…
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Why have your own game?


100% branding

Marketing tool

Presentation and education

Services and products in the game



Positive emotions

Language versions

Sustainable production in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Tyleček
In a figurative sense, my work at the creative agency Fairy Tailors is quite often fun. But when working with MIDU Games, this was literally true. Together, we developed the board game Evolution of Porsche for our client Porsche Inter Auto, and it went like clockwork. MIDU Games presented us with the basic concept and mechanics of the game, and we filled the game with stories from the history of Porsche. Because they had everything well thought out, they were able to clearly state what deliverables they needed from us, so the game was created very quickly and without complications. I can therefore recommend working with MIDU Games.

— Ondřej Tyleček

Business director and Co-owner, Fairy Tailors

Mgr. Klára Aubrechtová
Thank you for a very nice Christmas gift for the staff! A customized game, everyone was pleasantly surprised. Working with you was great. The game you designed was interesting and unpretentious, you reflected all our requirements and changes, which you implemented promptly. The game looks very nice and high quality. We also like the fact that it is made in the Czech Republic. Thank you!

— Mgr. Klára Aubrechtová

Communications Department, Cesnet

Nicola Lukovicsová
We were looking for a non-traditional and personal gift for our employees to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company's founding, and the bespoke game fulfilled exactly the sense of uniqueness and personalisation we were looking for. From the beginning of our communication, the MIDU Games team was incredibly proactive, taking initiative and coming up with interesting ideas and solutions. In the end, we found many more uses for the game, from a nice Christmas gift for partners to a learning tool for new colleagues joining the firm. Working with MIDU Games was fantastic from start to finish throughout the process, developing the game in record time, including its production and distribution to us. I can only highly recommend it!

— Nicola Lukovicsová

PR & Communications Manager, Continental

Ondřej Suchý
We approached MIDU Games to create a unique board game, The Key Question, which we planned to produce to support the campaign of the same name. The whole project ran very smoothly from the start and the young team from MIDU proved throughout the collaboration that they are experienced and have no lack of creativity. All cooperation was conducted in a friendly spirit and with the utmost friendliness. After this experience, I can definitely recommend MIDU Games to anyone who wishes to create an original board game with its own identity.

— Ondřej Suchý

Head of Marketing, Modrá pyramida

Jiří Horáček
The cooperation with MIDU Games was seamless from the start, and we quickly got to the actual implementation of our board game. I especially appreciated the originality and the ability to customize everything according to the client's wishes. We also had a lot of fun during the creation process. Great experience.

— Jiří Horáček

Head of Marketing, Multisport

Jan Schöppel
We are working with MIDU Games to develop our own branded board game with a focus on TV entertainment. The game has had a very positive response from our customers. I especially appreciate the excellent communication, meeting deadlines, proactivity and overall smooth implementation.

— Jan Schöppel

Head of Marketing, Telly

Martin Mikyska
At first we wanted to do the board game on our own. But then the guys from MIDU Games came and completely covered the production and development. The collaboration was absolutely great. Despite the non-standard requirements, the guys handled them without any problems and thanks to that we were able to create our masterpiece, which you can find on our e-shop.

— Martin Mikyska

Author of Mikýř's Amazing Journey through the Internet

Jiří Bílek
MIDU Games' club version of Football World has huge potential. I am very happy, as the director of football of SK Slavia Prague, that we are one of the first to have the game. At the same time, I must highlight the friendly and professional communication that took place throughout the cooperation. I can definitely recommend MIDU Games.

— Jiří Bílek

Director of Football, SK Slavia Praha

How it works?

How it works?

First meeting

Together, we will determine the goal of the game and the elements the game should contain, including the main message your company is using the game to communicate.



We'll come up with a game concept from scratch. We don't use templates, each game is unique and tailor-made. Once the concept is approved, we start the implementation (design, content, graphics, internal testing, etc.).



We will prepare a quotation with the final price. The whole job has one price, which we set in the first stages of the process. Increased prices of materials or extra hours of development will not make the game more expensive.



We will create a prototype game that we can play and test with you. This is followed by final tuning of content, graphics, and print data creation.



After final checks and approvals, we go into production. The production takes place exclusively in Czech printers and usually takes 6-8 weeks.



We will do a final check and take the games to you or wherever you wish.

The whole process takes an average of 4 months. The fastest we have been able to shorten the whole process to 5 working days at the client's request.


Contact us

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    The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 304325.

    Miroslav Dušek
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    Business & marketing
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    Jan Šrédl
    Design, web, production, mobile app
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    Need to know more?

    Client FAQs

    We are interested in the price, how much does the game itself cost?

    The price of the game depends on the type (card/board), the number of pieces and the composition and number of components. For an approximate price, please contact us. We usually determine the exact price in the first phase after the creation and approval of the concept. From that point on, the price is unchangeable. The price of the order is determined by the price per game, which includes development, creative, graphic work, print preparation, content creation, communication.

    We're in a hurry for the game, how quickly can you create and deliver it?

    Průměrně projekt tvorby hry zahrnuje několik iterací komunikace a úprav v celkové délce 3–6 měsíců. V případě potřeby jsme schopni celý proces výrazně zrychlit, máme zkušenosti i s projekty, které jsme zvládli připravit do jednoho týdne. Po schválení tiskových dat je doba dodání obvykle 6–8 týdnů.

    How many games need to be produced at least?

    Doporučujeme vyrábět od 500 ks. Cenově velmi příznivé jsou počty od 2 000 ks, ale vyrábět se dá klidně od 100 ks – jen je potřeba počítat s vyšší cenou za kus. Nejvyšší počet, který jsme realizovali, činil 16 500 ks, nejnižší 100 ks.

    We don't have time to participate in the development of the game, is that a problem?

    Není. Umíme navrhnout hru dle vašich představ včetně kompletního obsahu sami. Na některých projektech se chtějí klienti více podílet a spolupracovat, jiné realizujeme s minimálním úsilím klientů, kdy postačí jen základní grafické podklady (logo, grafický manuál).